Arizona: Bird Photography in the Sky Islands

April 16-23, 2021 – SOLD OUT!
Extension April 23-26, 2021 – SOLD OUT!

From: Tucson, AZ
Participant Limit: 4
Activity Level: Moderate

Price: $3,350 per person
Extension: $1,500 per person

*No single supplement for this tour.

This is a photography tour, designed to photograph target species with a focus on quality over quantity.

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Amazing species diversity, stunning desert landscapes with unique photography opportunities, and the list goes on. Southeast Arizona is nothing less than one of the top photography destinations in the country!

Our week will cover desert to the Sky Islands and will present many opportunities to photograph not only a great number of birds, but also bats, mammals, reptiles, stunning landscapes and more! We will be visiting several private feeders with water features, both during the day and at night to capture a wide array of species. The lower elevation feeders will focus on desert specialties such as Pyrrhuloxia, Verdin, Scaled and Gambel’s Quail, Lazuli Bunting, orioles, Greater Roadrunner, wrens and more.  Higher elevation locations may offer Bridled Titmouse, Acorn and Arizona Woodpeckers, and some of Arizona’s many hummingbird species.  With luck we might even track down an Elegant Trogon.  Special arrangements have been made for night photography for several species of owls and  bats. The group will also spend time focusing on many of Arizona’s wonderful warbler species such as Painted Redstart, Red-faced, Olive, Lucy’s, Black-throated Gray, Virginia’s, and Grace’s Warblers.

The Sierra Vista Extension will focus on additional feeders to target Montezuma and Scaled Quail, Elf Owl, Botteri’s Sparrow, and several species of Hummingbirds such as Rivoili’s and Lucifer.

Our accommodations will be top notch and we will enjoy lots of delicious food.

Trip Leaders

Brian Zwiebel


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