About Our Fundraising Tours

Sabrewing Nature Tours is proud to work with a wide variety of not-for-profit organizations to achieve fundraising success through nature travel. We help raise critical dollars with a two-fold approach:  1) direct donations from each participant on the tour, and 2) the cultivation of personal connections between tour participants and a key member of your organization who is given a complimentary spot on the trip.  To date, each fundraising tour has averaged a $5,000-$7,000 donation back to the not-for-profits we’ve had the privilege of working with.

Sabrewing Nature Tours is experienced in providing high-quality tours to many parts of the world, including North America, Central America, South America, Africa, and Asia. Your organization can select an itinerary from one of our typical set-departure locations, or we can work with you to build a completely custom tour just for your organization!

Planning Your Organization’s Tour

Planning your not-for-profit’s fundraising tour through Sabrewing Nature Tours is easy! Follow the four simple steps below and be on your way to fundraising for your organization through birding!


Choose Your Desired Tour Location and Dates

Sabrewing Nature Tours is excited to offer over 40 birding or photography tours as options for your next fundraiser. This document will include several of our popular tours as recommendations. However, any of our set departures or custom locations of your own can be adapted for your organization! Once a location is selected, Sabrewing will work with you to select dates that are best for your organization as well as the birding in the desired region.


Set Your Desired Donation Amount

As part of our two-fold approach to fundraising through travel, a fixed donation amount is factored into the price of the trip. Simply by bringing members on the tour, your organization immediately benefits. Donations are given to the organization upon the completion of the tour via check.


Choose a Representative to go on the Tour

The second part of Sabrewing’s two-fold approach to fundraising through travel is by including the cost of a representative from your organization in the price of the tour. This allows the organization’s representative to cultivate personal connections with tour participants. Establishing connections with members on the trip is a beneficial way to further promote the mission of your organization with the goal of generating more donations and support long-term.


Promote the Tour to Members/Supporters

Sabrewing Nature Tours will create a web page for the tour similar to any of the tour pages seen on our website now. We collect registrations and payments this way and work on the logistics of the tour while your organization promotes it to members/supporters through newsletters, emails, social media, etc.

Our Current Partners

Tucson Audubon
Image-11-11-22-at-3.55-PM-1024x732 copy
Black River Audubon
Holliday Park


”Holliday Park Foundation had a fantastic experience working with Sabrewing Nature Tours on a fundraising eco-tour benefiting our organization.  Rob and his team were well organized and made the planning and marketing of the tour easy for our organization.  Once on the trip, our participants had a fantastic time and were impressed with every aspect of the experience.

Overall, this opportunity provided an unforgettable experience for our participants, helped expand the programming we offer, and proved to be a considerable fundraiser for Friends of Holliday Park.   We were proud to have Sabrewing Nature Tours represent our organization and look forward to planning future trips with them.”

Adam Barnes

Executive Director

Holliday Park Foundation

For more information or to set up your not-for-profit’s tour, please contact us at