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September 2020

King Eider - Alaska

The Magic of Arctic Birding: Utqiagvik and Nome
Presented by Tyler Ficker
Wednesday, September 16 at 8pm EDT

At over 300 miles into the Arctic Circle, Utqiagvik (formally known as Barrow) is the northernmost city in the United States. Among a chorus of displaying shorebird species, the summertime brings eiders and loons in from the ocean to nest on the tundra ponds. During that season, birders can enjoy non-stop viewing as the sun never sets over the tundra. Barrow is a unique destination for birding. It’s one of the few places where you can see up to three species of jaegers and loons, four eiders, and over a dozen shorebirds in a single day.

500 miles south of Barrow lies Nome, where a completely different, yet equally incredible birding opportunity awaits. The mountains and taller vegetation are home to many species not found as far north as Barrow. Several species that are often thought of as Old World such as have a breeding range that extends to Nome. Wagtails, wheatears, Bluethroats, Arctic Warblers, and more make this a prime destination.

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Northern Emerald-Toucanet - Costa Rica

Birding Costa Rica
Presented by Rob Ripma and Diego Quesada
Wednesday, September 23 at 8pm EDT

Join Rob and Diego as they discuss all of the aspects that make Costa Rica such an incredible location for traveling birders. We’ll discuss lodges, logistics, food, conservation, and of course the incredible birds that you can see on a trip to Costa Rica.

Diego will be joining us live from one of our favorite lodges in the country to give everyone a sample of what it would be like to be in Costa Rica right now. Join us to see which lodge Diego chooses and to find out why we love this lodge so much!

Don’t miss this chance to learn all about traveling in Costa Rica.

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October 2020

Horned Guan - GuatemalaBirding Guatemala
Presented by Rob Ripma and Maynor Ovando
Wednesday, October 7 at 8pm EDT

Join Rob and Maynor as they talk about the incredible birding and cultural opportunities visiting birders can experience in Guatemala. From Lake Atitlán to Antigua to Tikal and beyond, they’ll cover all of the locations that make this country such an amazing place to visit. We’ll be discussing the specialty species that call Northern Central America home and discussing why Guatmala is the best place to see so many of them. Join us to see why Guatemala should be on your list of must visit countries!

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The Magnificent Behavior of Shorebirds
Presented by Brian Zwiebel
Wednesday, October 21 at 8pm EDT

Join Brian for an exploration into the magnificent behavior of shorebirds.  From migration to the breeding grounds and beyond Brian will share his passion for shorebird behavior through his award-winning photography and personal experiences on the breeding grounds of the high Arctic.  You will learn of the mind-bending migrations of the Whimbrel and Bar-tailed Godwit and Brian will recount his personal observations of breeding behavior not seen in the scientific literature.  Be forewarned, you may never look at a wintering shorebird on a beach or mudflat the same way again!

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