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November 2020


Pine Grosbeak - MinnesotaNorthern Minnesota Birding
Presented by Tyler Ficker
Wednesday, November 18 at 8pm EST

Northern Minnesota’s boreal forest draws birders in for a chance to see highly sought after species such as Great Gray Owl, Northern Hawk Owl, a wide variety of irruptive finch species, and much more! Minnesota’s easy access into the vast expanse of boreal forest makes it the perfect location to enjoy these species while still enjoying comfortable amenities in a beautiful area. Join Tyler Ficker as he takes you through the wonderful birding that northern Minnesota has to offer from the boreal forests to the shores of Lake Superior! This location boasts a high quality of species over quantity. While the trip list may appear small, the species that make it up will have you wanting to come back every winter!

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December 2020

How To: Waterfowl Photography (From the Duck’s Eye View)
Presented by Brian Zwiebel
Wednesday, December 2 at 8pm EST

What does it takes to make stunning duck portraits? How can you best capture action and behavior in your waterfowl photography? Which exposure mode should you use? Learn why light and wind direction are so important in waterfowl photography in the program “From the Duck’s Eye View”, presented by Brian Zwiebel. You will learn the answers to these questions and much more with each talking point supported by Brian’s award winning photography.

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